Alan’s presentation at Senior Special Constables Conference

Following the presentation to the ACPO Excellence In Policing Conference Alan was asked to do a similar presentation to the Special Constables Chief Officers conference in learning2achieve alanconfOctober. They have an excellent national strategy which was always intended to run from 2006 – 2010 and Alan’s input was to move the strategy on to its next phase, beyond 2010. This was well received and has resulted in tangible outcomes to be taken forward.

A recurring theme from these presentations, and from discussions with other clients, is that the impending cuts to public service budgets are new to this generation of the workforce. The reasons for this are explained in an article on our performance and strategy blog titled ‘Navigating across the new Performance Landscape’ and can be consolidated into two points:

  • We have lived through a sustained period of growth
  • The performance culture of the last ten to fifteen years has been focused on quantitative measures

The wise organisations are those planning the development and support for their managers, at all levels, to lead their staff through this financial drought.

Please let us know what you are doing to plan for this forthcoming change, so that we can share it with others – that’s how the best learning takes place.

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