And they complain about Bankers’ bonuses?

Now Mr. Dizaei has been found guilty a second time, can someone please explain to me why he is not required to repay the £180,000.00 he demanded in back-pay when his first conviction was quashed?

Even though he has been convicted again, he will still continue to receive his salary until the Metropolitan Police Service dismisses him, which may not be until after his next appeal!

Why is he going to be allowed to appeal for a second time? Do we have such a flawed judicial system that we cannot rely on TWO juries being right? This is an unbelievable abuse of the judicial system of this country and a phenomenal waste of taxpayers’ money.

Similar to Abu Qatada, we seem to be willing to spend thousands of pounds on the scourge of our society, instead of focusing on the real issues of justice.


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