At last No Keyboard !!!!

When you look at the incredible pace of change in technology, one thing remains oblivious to what is happening around it…The Keyboard. Watch any movie that is set in the future and when computing is involved .. there it is… The Keyboard. Can we break away from it? Do we want to?

Is it because a keyboard is so flexible in the way commands can be given or that it is less easy to make a mistake when touching something physical? It may just be that there has been no really serious need to update the good old keyboard with something that is better and easier to use.

What are the alternatives?

I can only really think of one and that is our voice, technology cannot yet be wired to our thoughts and there are no other methods that I believe offer another way.

A couple of companies have been consistent in their ongoing commitment to enhance the voice as an alternative to the fingers. Nuance Communications who produce Dragon Naturally Speaking Software is one and the the only one  who’s software I have used in the past. I used a version way back in the early days and found it was very difficult and time consuming to get it to work intuitively.

We are now onto version 10 and their suite promises:
dragon naturally speaking
* Turns your voice into text three times faster than most people type – with up to 99% accuracy
* Allows you to completely control your PC with your voice
* Automates complex workflows with voice commands

So does it work and what is the learning curve like?

Watch this space as we are about to find out and will update you with our results soon.

Post by Grahame


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    Shortly taking delivery of MacSpeech Dictate which I think uses the same engine as Dragon. Watching it work on YouTube the other week it looked very impressive, can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  2. says

    I am using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for nearly one year now. And I can say: it works very well! I also use this software to control my computer – and it works fine.
    In comparison to Windows 7 speech recognition and MacSpeech Dictate the learning curve amazes me – I really can say my accuracy is near to hundred percent.
    The main language I’m dictating is German, but since one year I’ve tried speech recognition software, I can say, recognition in English is always working better and faster than any other language.

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