At last No Keyboard….Review update

We’ve been using this for a month now – and it does what it says on the box. It is making life so much easier; like dictating this post. The installation was easy and the way it checks your documents for ‘your style of writing’ was a bit of a surprise. The performance is just what I expected, but here are a few tips to make your life easier:

dragon naturally speaking· The position of your microphone is essential. Moving the microphone by just a couple of centimetres can change the accuracy dramatically – but the installation process emphasises this.

· Speaking sentences makes the dictation more accurate, as the software puts the words into context, whereas single words can come out incorrectly.

· Take the time to ‘teach’ Dragon words that it regularly gets wrong, it learns them on the first go.

· The more you use it the more accurate it becomes, as it builds up your profile.

· Don’t use it after a bottle or two of red wine. It seems to talk rubbish – or was that me?

A highly recommended bit of kit for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of their computer writing. From our comments on this, I’m really interested to know how Dave gets on with MacSpeech Dictate.

Post by Alan


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    As you have said, it benefits from the investment of time it the beginning of the process. Having just returned from 2 weeks in the Caribbean (yes, thank you, it was nice, especially the scuba diving) and the panic/rush before going away, I had to revert to typing manually (which I am actually quite fast at) and intend to pick it up again once the Sergeants’ exam is out of the way on Tuesday. You will therefore have to await my judgement.

    Be interested to know if anyone else out there is using the Mac version.

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