Disquiet in the Country

I agreed with Alan last year, that we were heading into very uncertain times both financially and job security, with the patience of the nation on a precipice. Sit and listen in on any conversation around the dinner table and the subject will invariably be about how our country is being run. We are now all part of a nanny state and having the ability to take control of our own destiny without any form of control from the completely inept and greedy government is more difficult than ever.

I read in the paper today that, that complete oaf John Prescott is considering becoming a peer to satisfy his wife’s needs for prestige and the lifestyle she wishes to have. The big problem is this is our money that is allowing them to have such a lavish and comfortable life.

Of course I realise it is more than that, but when you look around as a nation we have so many problems with to many lack lustre politicians at the helm, who really do not have the ability to make the fair but difficult changes we need.

People are frustrated and angry and want to get back at those that have let us down so badly.

My one question is where are our choices for real change?

Please read Alan’s excellent article that updates his thoughts of last year ‘ The summer of discontent revisited‘ and let us know your own views.

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