Government spin on public sector pensions.

In March the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) reported that 60% of people considered public pensions unfair. Now Gillian Hibberd, the strategic director of resources and business transformation for Buckinghamshire County Council has written about the myths surrounding public sector pensions. This is well worth a read at the People Management website.

The government is creating a paradox around pensions. In one breath they say that the nation is finding it difficult to afford state pensions and then they criticise public sector pensions, many of which the employee has been contributing to for many years. We should remember that before the landscape changed it was the poor performance of some private sector pension funds that hit the headlines. My personal view is of a clear strategy emerging from the government to generate a perception to all those not in the public sector that public sector workers have been living a well paid life of luxury, supported by exorbitant pensions. This strategy will assist the government as they introduce cuts in public service spending and then introduce legislation prohibiting key public sector workers from striking.

Are the public of this country really that gullible?

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