London Networking Event

Alan and Grahame went to the Strand Palace Hotel in central London to attend an Internet Marketing lunch organised by a successful online entrepreneur called Martin Avis. It is arranged to allow new and experienced online marketers to mix and exchange ideas. For example Grahame had a long chat with Gary Vurnam who has made over a million with products and ideas he has sold and promoted on the internet. Alan spoke at length with a chap that was just starting out and was unsure of which area of internet marketing he wanted to go down.

It was a long day and at the end we were both brimming with ideas and information. You may well ask what this has to do with our core businesses  Leaning 2 Achieve Ltd and Biz Web Solutions. As with any business you need to be able to sell yourself and promote what you do to others and internet marketing sits at the cutting edge of this. Much of what is used such as video, sales letters and joint ventures are pioneered by these guys and they know what works and what is likely to bomb.

Have a look at our short video called Martin Avis London lunch and you will see how informal and relaxed the whole event was, oh.. and the food wasn’t that bad either.

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