Performance and Strategy and our Landscape…!!

Okay, it is finally here! Last week we launched our Performance Landscape programme at the Association of Chief Police Officers performance conference.performancelandscape-flyer We recognise that performance is a complex subject, so we have designed our programme to help you navigate around an ever changing environment. We use the analogy of animals of the Serengeti because their survival depends on their performance – and so does yours!

Our programme provides leaders, at all levels, with the practical knowledge and tools to maximise performance for themselves and their organisations. For the full picture go to

I am now going to get my focus back on the blog and writing more about how organisations need to address the financial drought that is going to hit public services in the UK in 2011. Whilst this drought may be viewed negatively, it actually offers immense opportunities for the private and public sectors – if the leaders have the foresight to take them. The skill is going to be for the giraffes of the organisation to see the opportunity and then pass the responsibility for capturing it to those with the right competencies, which may be any of the other animals, such as the lion, the wildebeest, the zebra or even the crocodile. It’s how you use these skills that is going to decide how well you survive the changing landscape.

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