Performance Landscape launch

Completing the Performance Landscape programmme has taken many months of research and preparation. Not only is the subject matter crucial for businesses and public sector organisations it has to be delivered in a way that stimulates and inspires those it is aimed at.performancelandscape-flyer

We were really excited to introduce the concept of this package at the ACPO Excellence In Policing Conference in Coventry on the 21st September 2009. Stephen Berry and Alan Wingrove jointly presented the ‘Strategies of the Serengeti‘ based around the conference theme of Confidence in the New Performance Landscape.

The programme was very well received and the theme of ‘Animals of the Serengeti’ created a lot of excitement with the audience. From what potentially could be perceived as being a fairly dry subject, was made to come alive with the fascinating analogy with the giraffe, lion, elephant and the many other animals. They were shown to run their lives in a more effective and efficient manner than the most intelligent species of our world….. Man.

To find out more about this inspiring programme head over to Performance Landscape.

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