Exploring Corporate Strategy 8th edition.

performanceandstrategy exploringThis book, initially by Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes, is like the Bible of corporate strategy and really hard to review.From a readability point of view it’s not the book for a good holiday read. As a reference book for anyone involved in developing or implementing strategy then it’s a ‘must have’ book. The addition of Richard Whittington to the author team added a humanistic dimension and there are significant additions compared to earlier editions.

The authors’ own strategy has to be admired. They keep amending their book and adding enough that it’s worth purchasing later editions and the 8th is no exception, which is why this is the third or fourth copy I’ve bought. Access to resources on their website gives real added value to an expensive purchase.

From a rating of  ***** I give this book the following:

Readability ** Value *** Content ****  Buy It Now