Living Strategy

For some years I have thought that all of the theories of strategic planning have missed one vital ingredient – that of the human being. The majority of reference books are very objective about the use of environmental scanning, value chains, SWOT and PESTEL. However, the engagement of the people who have to implement this wonderful strategy process tends to be overlooked.


This is not the case in Lynda Gratton’s ‘Living Strategy’. She describes the tenets that human beings have:-
We operate in time
We search for meaning
We have a soul

Described with a mixture of research and case studies, if anyone wants a strategy to be successful then they cannot ignore the findings of this book. Although it was published in 2000 I recommend it now, given the current financial context of this country, more than ever. I have seen many cases where the performance focus of organisations is becoming increasingly on the ‘bottom line’ at the expense of the people within the organisation. In times of recession it is common for senior leaders to take the stance of, ‘if you don’t like it then leave’. This easily readable book explains the folly of that approach and how, in the longer term, it will come back to bite you.

I personally would rate Living Strategy **** out of ***** Buy it now