Two Larry Winget book reviews.

performancestrategy larryLarry Winget markets himself as ‘an irritational speaker’ and has tried to write his self-development book, Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get a Life, in a similar style. This is a read which made me laugh out loud in places and there are parts of it that really do hit home – like a nail being hit by a club-hammer! If you like a refreshingly honest point of view then this book is a good holiday read, but not a book that ranks amongst the best of the self-development grouping. However, if you’ve got a friend or employee who is ‘high maintenance’ then it is sooo tempting to buy them a copy!

I give this book **  Buy It Now

performancestrategy winget Larry Winget’s follow up book, It’s Called Work for a Reason, is typically blunt in its approach. He makes comments that will resonate with any employer – like the reason why employees feel that they can spend work time on the Internet or making personal telephone calls. He is right that some employees consider work to be a social occasion and he writes about it in an amusing way. This is what one of my friends calls a ‘toilet book’ – good read and amusing with a valid point. Winget says what a lot of employers are thinking.

I give this book *** Buy It Now