This WILL NOT affect front line services.!!!

20% cutbacks for public services – ‘But the this will not affect the front line delivery’. Wooah I think I am hallucinating as a pink pig just winked at me as it passed the bedroom window. Did we really think those running our public services would look across the boardroom and ask each other which one of them was going to be part of the cutbacks?

I think not – imagine the scenario “Okay we have a situation and many in our team have got to go due to the government cuts, any ideas?” Would a single one suggest they and their department were surplus to requirements?

The filtration effect now kicks in as names and roles are put forward as favourites for the chop, the reasoning seems a little hazy – umm no Senior Officers or Executives leaving then? “Well my desk helps steer a steady ship and without it the organisation would be rudderless”. “Ah yes, of course you are right” answers the government official “What about those guys who cause all that trouble ‘kettling’ the students? Maybe they will not be missed”.

Read Alan’s informed thoughts on this here.. and see how we think the cuts should look.

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